Flat Rate Calculator To Track Your Flagged Hours

Flat Rate Calculator To Track Your Flagged Hours

Flat Rate Calculator To Track Your Flagged HoursFlat Rate Calculator To Track Your Flagged HoursFlat Rate Calculator To Track Your Flagged Hours

Software designed to help you make more money

The automotive industry is structured differently than your normal 9 to 5. Most automotive technicians work on a flat rate commission model. The more time a technician can spend working on cars, the more money they could potentially make. Currently, most technicians keep a handwritten piece of paper with all of the repair orders they've worked on that pay period. This is needed to help the technician track the work they have done. Why is this important - don't shops already track that for technicians? They do, but they don't always get it right. Work that you performed could have been accidentally allocated to a different technician or unaccounted for entirely. With a list like this, technicians can manually sum up their flagged hours and see if payroll matches with what they have. This is necessary, but unfortunately a very slow and inefficient process. Techtime is a game changer, a digital version of that list. This flat rate calculator quickly sums up your total hours and gross, which can save technicians time and therefore potentially make more money. 

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How It Works


Set Your Labor Rates

Most  of the labor types that technicians frequently use are available. (Click the image for more)


Add a Repair Order

Put the details that you wish to review later.  (Click the image for more)


See the Bigger Picture

Have your pay period in the palm of your hand. (Click the image for more) 

Time Saver


Techtime is designed for flat rate technicians to optimize their pay period. Technicians find it an inconvenience to chase down hours that are owed to them.  Techtime  allows technicians to accurately track hours and gross pay, based on technicians own input. It gives the ability to later email payroll a complete list of repair orders that they worked on that pay period. Because of this feature, technicians have more time to spend repairing vehicles and not chasing missing hours. 


Start Pay Period

Select the start date and end date to your current pay period. The pay period will automatically end  and be stored in the archive when expired.


Archived Pay Periods

 Need to see a past repair order or pay period? Now you can have it at the end of your finger tips. 




It's nice to keep track of what payroll got right. By Default, the circle and the hours inside it are grey. This indicates an unknown payroll match. 


It's a Match!

When the hours that you have flagged are a match with what payroll has, tap the circle once to turn it green. 


When It's Not Quite Right

If payroll is either over, under, or just didn't flag your hours, tap the circle twice to turn it red. This will come in handy when emailing payroll a complete list of incorrect repair orders. 

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